About CCYS


Cherry Creek Youth Symphony (CCYS) is a community orchestra and ministry of Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church that offers a non-competitive, family-friendly, and faith-based environment where students learn to love and play great concert literature written for orchestra. Students are encouraged to get to know one another and develop friendships because we believe it makes for a better ensemble.

We provide an opportunity for students to learn the joy of making music together in an ensemble after mastering an instrument. Music becomes fun and meaningful in a new way when working together in a group. Our focus is on the classical literature for orchestra with a desire that students build a lifelong appreciation for great music. We are a community orchestra where over half of our students are homeschooled.

Our Values

Sharing Music. Together.

Music is for sharing. When we join together, it’s even better.


Perfection in music is important. We must always strive for the highest quality possible. Relationships are more important than perfection.


When students have relationships with each other, they work together better as a team, which will make them a better ensemble.

Mentorship & Teamwork

We encourage mentorship among students. Students grow in confidence and learn faster within a group. Opportunities to work together are intentional (rehearsal setup/breakdown, sectionals, role-play practice).


We strive to create a positive and affirming attitude towards young people rather than one in which the demand for perfection overrides treating the students with respect. We encourage a love of music in the rehearsal and classroom. Constructive feedback and direction, understanding, and encouragement are much more effective than being critical, demanding, and discouraging toward young people.

Music & Performance

Why spend time learning good music when we can focus on great music? Perform great music written by great musical minds. Choose a body of literature that is fun to play and of enduring value that the students learn and play on multiple occasions. Perform more often than three concerts a year because it is in performance where the music most becomes a part of the student.


Strong individuals make a strong group. Correct technique is the responsibility of personal music teachers – it’s important for students to continue taking private lessons and why we encourage it.

Sight Reading

When you can read music on demand you are able to play through music for the fun of it, hearing how it sounds, and then deciding if it’s worth putting in more time to master that music.


Our lives are to be ministry and service. We encourage students to develop an attitude of caring about people and sharing our music with them. Build stronger relationships and music skills among the students, first. Bless other people by sharing music and visiting with them afterwards (young people & elderly).

Dr. Douglas Macomber


In 2007, he started the Cherry Creek Youth Symphony (he has studied clarinet and violin) because of his love for working with children and his desire that students have a good orchestra experience while learning some of the greatest music ever written.

In addition to directing the Cherry Creek Youth Symphony, he has served as organist and choir accompanist, choir director and music director of several churches in Boulder and Denver, where he arranges and composes hymns, anthems and service music for orchestra. He currently serves as organist and orchestra conductor of Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church.

Thomas Jefferson

Do not neglect your music,
it will be a companion
which will sweeten
many hours of life to you.

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