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We are gearing up for another  great year of music making!

Thank you all for attending the staff meeting. We are extremely appreciative of everyones time and contribution to CCYS. We look forward to working together as we continue to create an outstanding youth, music program.

Over the next few weeks, we will be completing registration for all families and getting into the flow of regular rehearsals. Let us focus on shaping a positive and joyful environment to set a precedent with the families. And, let us lean on each other for ideas and feedback as we implement some of the new ideas we discussed during the meeting.

The staff meeting covered a lot of points. Some of those topics will be covered in this memo. Others are already on the site to reference or are in the development process, and will not be included.

Staff Meeting Recap

Bass Room

We’ve been slowly building the online Bass Room as a bulletin for important communication. Apart of the delay was learning what information we need to include in this area. Now that we have an idea, and with your feedback, we will be adding content throughout the year to make the Bass Room a strong resource for us to use in our mission to share music with young people and with the community.

*Practice Notes

Thank you all for supporting the students through the weekly practice notes. Last year, the students got quite accustom to the practice notes and memo system and not only depend upon but expected and looked for your weekly feedback.

Unless we find it necessary to remind students to check the Online Music Room after a rehearsal, this year, students will not get an email notification for practice notes.

Please make every attempt to submit your regular weekly Practice Notes on Friday’s by 3pm. We want the students to have every opportunity to practice with focus, intention, and fun. Thank you for your contribution to making this a success.

View the updated How-to: Create Ensemble Memos here or by viewing in the “Instructors” tab on Bass Room menu.

*Attendance Line

We are very excited about the new CCYS Attendance Line (303-569-4160). Please direct all parents and students to use the attendance line if the student is unable to attend a rehearsal or performance, will arrive late, or will leave early. As we teach our members to use the new system, please redirect parents and students to use the attendance line even if they communicate an attendance related issue with you in person.

Mandatory Family Orientation
The Mandatory Family Orientation is scheduled on September 6, 2018 from 5pm-7pm. Below is a basic itinerary for the event.
  • Registration & Food & Beverage (30 Minutes)
  • Information (45 Minutes)
    • Welcome
    • Vision of CCYS
    • Staff Intro/2-4 Minutes Performance (Staff Questions: What inspired my musical journey?)
    • Online Music Room
    • Expectations (Home Practice & Rehearsal)
    • Snack & Teamwork Rotations (New)
    • Attendance Line (New)
  • Breakout (30 Minutes) Students & Staff / Parents and Parent Council
    • Game Time
    • Rehearsal Format & Expectations
    • Mini Rehearsal

Birthday Conductors

As we enter our second year of restructuring, our focus is on creating an environment our students can thrive in music. In addition to our general perspective of training by encouragement vs criticism, we are developing ideas to engage the students and encourage excitement for orchestra.

One way we are doing this is by incorporating Birthday Conductors. At the beginning of rehearsal, please ask your ensemble if there are any birthdays that week. If yes, you or the students play the Happy Birthday song, while the birthday student(s) conduct.

CCYS Alumni

America the Beautiful is the Cherry Creek Youth Symphony Alumni piece. It will be played every year and will include every ensemble, at their respective skill levels. Every year, our Sounds of CCYS: Spring Concert will be the main concert alumni are encouraged to attend and join in during the concert.


STOP, LOOK LISTEN Trainings will occur during the end of rehearsal the week prior to a Community Concert or event with all ensembles together (10-15 minutes).
Prompt Cards / Role Play

Thank you for sharing your time and gifts with the Cherry Creek Youth Symphony. The students benefit greatly from all the efforts put into CCYS programs.

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